Cathy's SMILE

Cathy, in whose name our foundation was organized, was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer at the age of 40.  She had a remarkably positive outlook over the three and half year battle, amazing all of those around her. Even while enduring weekly chemo treatments, she continued to work forty or more hours a week showing up each day with a SMILE for others.  Why?  Because she knew for every SMILE she shared, more would be returned to her and she drew strength and courage from each SMILE.

Cathy knew her cancer prognosis wasn't good, but she constantly SMILEd and stayed positive about each day. She lived one day at a time and managed to extend her life well beyond what was expected and in a quality lifestyle.  Her doctors and nurses were amazed at how cancer riddled her internal body was, yet she would show up every week for her treatments smiling and feeling no pain!

Cathy's SMILE was and still is contagious.  She gifted those that knew her with a SMILE that instantly formed and will forever be in our memories!  But she also made sure to leave us with many pictures of that SMILE so we would SMILE back when we looked at them.  No matter what toll the chemo treatments had on her appearance, her inner beauty and strength beamed through her SMILE.  This is the gift we want to share with other cancer patients.

About the SMILE